Kim offers very practical advice to parents.

"Kim offers very practical advice to parents. I transfer cases and refer clients to her because she’s committed and dedicated to what she does. She’s passionate about helping families to be more functional. She helps parents to learn to focus on what they can control and look at how they react and respond to situations. I think those are the keys to managing children with ODD and conduct disorder."

—Valerie H., LMSW, ACSW

If you're considering boot camp, Read this book first!

“My teenager daughter has been refusing to go to school, posting revealing self-portraits on the internet, and defying me on just about every issue. Like the parents described in this book, I am frustrated, guilty, and burned out (whipped). Some days, I just don't even want to come home from work.

"This book really helped me to see my daughter and myself in a different light. I understand more about her now, and how my behavior has kind of fed her behavior. I also feel equipped to deal with the stuff she throws my way. I'll be on my TOES from now on!

"If you're looking for a book that will teach you how to control your child, this isn't it. In fact, this book is more about you than it is about your kid. And after reading it, I realize that I don't WANT to "control" her either. I can see her aggravating traits as potential strengths, too.

"As I read this book, however, I was struck by the similarities in some of the stories to my 10-year-old step-son. He's having even more behavioral problems than my daughter (he's more like Top Dog, she's more like Slug). Before reading this book, I thought boot camp might be the answer. However, now I'm recommending that my fiance read this book, too!

"If you're considering boot camp -- STOP! Read this book first!!!”

—Diane Hamilton, Milwaukee, WI

A book that has been too long in coming.

“Kim and Marney have written a book that has been too long in coming for parents with out-of-control children. When my child was a teen (back in the early 90s) there was no help for me, no where to turn, no book to read. I felt like a failure as a parent, thinking it must be my fault that my child was out of control. Kim and Marney's book made me realize that I WAS (and am)a good mother. Anyone with a child who is bordering on oppositional defiance or conduct disorder should definitely read this book. It will be like a livesaver in an ugly storm.”

—Carolyn Voight, Waco, Texas

A must read survival book!

“A Must Read! The Whipped Parent is a powerful resource simply written and easy for any parent to understand. It's a guide to help parents regain their sanity through learning to change their own thought processes, behaviors and responses. It is key for parents to understand the difference between control and influence and how that difference impacts their relationship with their child. The Whipped Parent clearly shares an abundance of tools and ideas on how to endure raising an Out-of-Control Teen. This is indeed a must read survival book!”


Great Book

“Great book... Finally some focus on the parents emotional health: If you are looking for a book that will give you ideas on how to 'fix' your teenager, keep looking. This is not that book, and I'm SO glad for it. There is no fix for an adolescent choosing their way, but there are ways for parents to cope and find middle ground when their children misstep. This book is wonderful at discussing what you can do to change your thought process and emotional response as parents, and in turn how that can improve your relationship with your teen.”


Very well written and informative

“Very well written and informative: The Whipped Parent is a well written book which avoids jargon for the layperson. I bought this book for my friend who is having problems with his out of control teen. He was so grateful to receive it and it gave him hope that there was something that he could do and at least read about people who are going through the same thing that he is. I read the first few chapters myself and was impressed with the real life examples that were given and believe that is probably one of the best self-help books on this subject and highly recommend it to parents who feel helpless against their out of control teen. My own counselor was interested in recommending this book to his patients as well.”

—Dr. Nlkdo

A must have for families dealing with ODD!

"I have a 15 year old who is ODD and moving into conduct disorder, or at least it was that way until I listened to the ODD Lifeline. Changing my perspective has really helped me to have impact on his as well. We were in a situation where the police were involved again and I just didn't know how to cope any longer. I was following the total transformation which is very helpful but not enough for my son or perhaps for me. Changing my way of thinking changed everything! My son and I have a very pleasant relationship now! No, he doesn't do everything I would like him to do but I respect the things that he has to find his own way with and he respects that I have rules for my reasons and that is all we can do. He accepts consequences and I accept what I can and can't control and the struggle is no longer a constant factor of our lives. Sure he's always ready for an argument but he no longer has an active participant in me."

--Hopeful Mom