When Your Minor Child Is Using Substances and Doesn't Come Home At Night

If you’re the parent of a child under the age of eighteen who’s using drugs or alcohol, one of the most frightening situations can be when curfew comes and goes…and your child still isn’t home. Panic sets in and your mind starts going in all different directions. How do you decide what to do? While every situation is unique, here are some questions parents often ask:

Predicting Success

As parents, we often worry so much about whether or not our kids are succeeding. That’s supposed to be our job, right? Well, not really. As parents, our job is to really to prepare our children for life in the Real World. Their successes, their failures, their ups and their downs, good times and bad…belong to them.  Each of us has our own journey. Yours is different than mine. Your child’s is different than yours…and that’s okay. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the destination or the end result, we forget that the point of life is really the journey.