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Kim and Marney have been contributing authors to the online parenting newsletter, Empowering Parents ( since early 2011. Their articles have addressed a variety of parenting issues including when your minor child uses substances, developing and enforcing consequences, coping with the emotions of parenting and working with community systems such as the police and schools.

The Whipped Parent: Hope For Parents Raising an Out-of-Control Teen:
(Rainbow Books Inc., 2003)

The Whipped Parent is a book designed to empower parents who are raising a child with behavioral concerns. It's based on Kim's personal experience raising her own son, diagnosed with ODD, and her own journey to effectively parent a difficult child. Kim tried every approach she could find, read hundreds of parenting books and found that nothing out there provided the comprehensive approach needed. The Whipped Parent is based not only on personal experience, but years of working with parents and youth.

What makes The Whipped Parent different than anything else out there? Not only does it offer tools such as how to develop Fail-Proof consequences and identifying which behaviors to target first with your child, it helps parents let go of the guilt, shame and hurt that keeps you exhausted and broken-hearted. Perhaps most importantly, it offers humor and hope for parents who've been misunderstood and harshly judged by society for far too long.

The Cognitive Rational Approach To Parenting Group (C.R.A.P.):

  • Therapeutic group manual for professionals working with parents raising children with behavioral disorders such as O.D.D. (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and Conduct Disorder
  • Learn how to engage and understand parents who often enter treatment with their child and adolescent feeling hostile, disheartened, ashamed and guilty
  • Share effective tools for parents of the toughest kids, including Fail-Proof Consequences, identifying what you can and cannot control as parents, and determining behavior severity in order to target specific behaviors for intervention
  • Empower parents to work and communicate effectively with community systems such as the school, court and police
  • This manual includes ready-made progress notes based on session topic/content, pre- and post-tests, satisfaction surveys and marketing materials. The group is designed to accompany the book, The Whipped Parent: Hope for Parents Raising an Out-of-Control Teen.
  • This group was field-tested in Flint, Michigan – the city ranked as  #1 in violent crimes in 2012. Parents attending this group were often raising children and teens involved in the Juvenile Court System for offenses such as felonious assault, possession and distribution of drugs, grand theft auto as well as severe oppositional defiance.

Teens In Control, Thinking About Consequences (TIC TAC):

  • Therapeutic group manual for professionals working with adolescents diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant (O.D.D.) or Conduct Disorder
  • Field tested in Flint, Michigan – a city ranked #1 in violent crime in 2011 and in the top three violent cities of the nation since
  • Adolescents attending this group were often involved in the Juvenile Court System and court-ordered to attend
  • Learn how to engage the toughest population of adolescents in a genuine, non-judgmental way that provides the opportunity to impact behavior
  • Empower adolescents to stop reacting to authority figures and start making informed choices with an understanding of potential consequences
  • Includes rapport-building activities, the My Life camera activity and Thinking First worksheets to help teens build critical thinking and a World View
  • This manual includes ready-made progress notes based on session topic/content, pre- and post-tests, satisfaction surveys and marketing materials.

Life Over the Influence: What to Do When Someone You Love Uses Drugs or Alcohol

  • This 5 CD audio program comes with a workbook and bonus CD, 10 Things Never to Say When They’re Drinking or Using
  • In Life Over the Influence, Kim shares her personal journey of living with loved ones addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. As the child, parent and one-time spouse of loved ones struggling with addiction, Kim understands the feeling of helplessness that comes from living in constant anger, fear and worry of what will happen to your loved one.
  • Learn how to let go of the guilt, anger, fear and shame that have been keeping you prisoner to your loved one’s addiction
  • Find the strength to set – and enforce – healthy boundaries with your loved one
  • Learn techniques to save yourself from the financial ruin that often comes from supporting a loved one with an addiction
  • Discover how to get past the arguing, blaming and cycle of addiction that keeps you – and your loved one –from moving forward in recovery. There really are ways you can communicate effectively with your loved one!
  • This program includes a Special Report on What to Do When Your Minor Child Is Using or Addicted to Substances. Learn your rights and responsibilities as a parent.

The Oppositional Defiant Disorder (O.D.D.) Lifeline:
(Legacy Publishing Company, 2012)

  • This 5 CD audio program will empower you not only to survive your O.D.D. or Conduct-Disordered child – but to regain your own life and emotional well-being
  • Based on the personal experiences and professional knowledge of Kim Abraham, who raised a son diagnosed with O.D.D.
  • In sharing her story, Kim empowers parents to move past feelings of anger, fear, failure, shame and guilt that come from raising a child with behavior problems
  • Learn how to respond to family members and authority figures such as police, teachers, and others who may judge you harshly based on your child’s behavior, rather than your own
  • Learn to develop Fail-Proof Consequences and why “typical” parenting approaches don’t work with O.D.D. kids
  • Know when it’s time to involve the police or take legal action regarding your child
  • Kim will show you how to let go of the daily power struggles and gain a new perspective – and relationship – with your child
  • Includes workbook and bonus CD on getting Getting Your Child to Think