The Whipped Parent: Hope for Parents Raising an Out-of-Control Teen


(Rainbow Books Inc., 2003)

The Whipped Parent is a book designed to empower parents who are raising a child with behavioral concerns. It's based on Kim's personal experience raising her own son, diagnosed with ODD, and her own journey to effectively parent a difficult child. Kim tried every approach she could find, read hundreds of parenting books and found that nothing out there provided the comprehensive approach needed. The Whipped Parent is based not only on personal experience, but years of working with parents and youth.

What makes The Whipped Parent different than anything else out there? Not only does it offer tools such as how to develop Fail-Proof consequences and identifying which behaviors to target first with your child, it helps parents let go of the guilt, shame and hurt that keeps you exhausted and broken-hearted. Perhaps most importantly, it offers humor and hope for parents who've been misunderstood and harshly judged by society for far too long.

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