Teens in Control Thinking About Consequences (T.I.C. - T.A.C.)

  • Therapeutic group manual for professionals working with adolescents diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant (O.D.D.) or Conduct Disorder
  • Field tested in Flint, Michigan – a city ranked #1 in violent crime in 2011 and in the top three violent cities of the nation since
  • Adolescents attending this group were often involved in the Juvenile Court System and court-ordered to attend
  • Learn how to engage the toughest population of adolescents in a genuine, non-judgmental way that provides the opportunity to impact behavior
  • Empower adolescents to stop reacting to authority figures and start making informed choices with an understanding of potential consequences
  • Includes rapport-building activities, the My Life camera activity and Thinking First worksheets to help teens build critical thinking and a World View
  • This manual includes ready-made progress notes based on session topic/content, pre- and post-tests, satisfaction surveys and marketing materials.
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