The Oppositional Defiant Disorder (O.D.D.) Lifeline


(Legacy Publishing Company, 2012)

  • This 5 CD audio program will empower you not only to survive your O.D.D. or Conduct-Disordered child – but to regain your own life and emotional well-being
  • Based on the personal experiences and professional knowledge of Kim Abraham, who raised a son diagnosed with O.D.D.
  • In sharing her story, Kim empowers parents to move past feelings of anger, fear, failure, shame and guilt that come from raising a child with behavior problems
  • Learn how to respond to family members and authority figures such as police, teachers, and others who may judge you harshly based on your child’s behavior, rather than your own
  • Learn to develop Fail-Proof Consequences and why “typical” parenting approaches don’t work with O.D.D. kids
  • Know when it’s time to involve the police or take legal action regarding your child
  • Kim will show you how to let go of the daily power struggles and gain a new perspective – and relationship – with your child
  • Includes workbook and bonus CD on getting Getting Your Child to Think

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