Life Over the Influence: What to Do When Someone You Love Uses Drugs or Alcohol

  • This 5 CD audio program comes with a workbook and bonus CD, 10 Things Never to Say When They’re Drinking or Using
  • In Life Over the Influence, Kim shares her personal journey of living with loved ones addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. As the child, parent and one-time spouse of loved ones struggling with addiction, Kim understands the feeling of helplessness that comes from living in constant anger, fear and worry of what will happen to your loved one.
  • Learn how to let go of the guilt, anger, fear and shame that have been keeping you prisoner to your loved one’s addiction
  • Find the strength to set – and enforce – healthy boundaries with your loved one
  • Learn techniques to save yourself from the financial ruin that often comes from supporting a loved one with an addiction
  • Discover how to get past the arguing, blaming and cycle of addiction that keeps you – and your loved one –from moving forward in recovery. There really are ways you can communicate effectively with your loved one!
  • This program includes a Special Report on What to Do When Your Minor Child Is Using or Addicted to Substances. Learn your rights and responsibilities as a parent.
  • Reclaim your own sense of well-being and peace. YOU DON"T HAVE TO DONATE YOUR LIFE TO SOMEONE ELSE...NOT EVEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE!

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