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The Owner's Manual

How many times have you thought, “Man, do I wish there was an owner’s manual for my kid, the way there is for everything else!” No, our children aren’t like our electronics – they don’t come with remote controls or the sometimes much-wished-for Volume Control and Off buttons! But for Christian parents, there is a manual…the Bible. We don’t “own” our children; in a sense, they really don’t “belong” to us. As His children, they belong to God.

The Christian Parenting Path

Many parents come into family treatment (mental health services, counseling, medical treatment, and sometimes juvenile legal services) feeling scared, confused, disappointed, frustrated, angry and hurt about their child’s negative and/or challenging behavior. Like so many in our society today, they are searching for “what went wrong” in their parenting approach. “Why is my child acting this way? What am I doing wrong?!” These parents feel blamed and judged by a society that doesn’t seem to understand, let alone have any realistic solutions.

Consequences: In Existence Since The Beginning of Time

In the Beginning, there was one rule – one limit: Do not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. That was it. And as history has shown, Man was unable to obey that one rule.  And just as rules have existed since the dawn of time, so too have consequences.  God was very specific in what the consequence would be, should Adam and Eve disobey His Command: death. But God created man out of love, and for the purpose of having a relationship with us. As our Father, He wanted to be just and He was merciful.

When Your Minor Child Is Using Substances and Doesn't Come Home At Night

If you’re the parent of a child under the age of eighteen who’s using drugs or alcohol, one of the most frightening situations can be when curfew comes and goes…and your child still isn’t home. Panic sets in and your mind starts going in all different directions. How do you decide what to do? While every situation is unique, here are some questions parents often ask:

A Parent's Prayer

A Parent’s Prayer

Dear God,

Help me remember that my child was born in the image of You.

You created my child with a free will.

Just the same as You have hopes for me,

I have hopes for my child.

Help me to remember that my child is merely a gift,

given to me to raise in this world.

My child ultimately belongs to You and to You my child will return.

The Christian Parent

At Therapies in a Pod, we strive to empower and support parents as they raise children in today’s difficult world. Many of the issues society (our children included) face today are unique to this generation: technology, the high degree of instant gratification available on so many levels and the way this has led to a dis-connect for us all – from each other, from our children and in some cases from our higher power.