Nap Time!

Daisy says the best way to spend a cold, Michigan-winter day is to curl up with her best friend, Rosie, for an afternoon nap! Watch for Daisy's book to be released soon!

When Your Minor Child Is Using Substances and Doesn't Come Home At Night

If you’re the parent of a child under the age of eighteen who’s using drugs or alcohol, one of the most frightening situations can be when curfew comes and goes…and your child still isn’t home. Panic sets in and your mind starts going in all different directions. How do you decide what to do? While every situation is unique, here are some questions parents often ask:

A Parent's Prayer

A Parent’s Prayer

Dear God,

Help me remember that my child was born in the image of You.

You created my child with a free will.

Just the same as You have hopes for me,

I have hopes for my child.

Help me to remember that my child is merely a gift,

given to me to raise in this world.

My child ultimately belongs to You and to You my child will return.

A Day in Daisy's Life

Daisy is doing well and enjoying life with Rosie. This summer, they stayed in a bedroom on the main floor so they would be cool enough. If you look at the Chinchilla Fact sheet, you’ll see that chinchillas can get sick very easily from something called “heat stroke.” That happens when they get too hot. Their ears may turn pink and they will lay on their sides because they can't sweat, the way humans do, to cool off.

The Christian Parent

At Therapies in a Pod, we strive to empower and support parents as they raise children in today’s difficult world. Many of the issues society (our children included) face today are unique to this generation: technology, the high degree of instant gratification available on so many levels and the way this has led to a dis-connect for us all – from each other, from our children and in some cases from our higher power.

Welcome to Daisy's Blog!

 Hi and Welcome to Daisy’s Blog! We wanted to have a place where anyone who has read Daisy’s story and is interested in her life can read about her. Daisy is very special but not because she has three legs. She is special because of her personality, spunk and the way she has learned how to do so much since she lost her leg. Her spirit is the same as before the accident and it’s what helped her survive.

Rosie and Daisy's Poem

Hi, my name is Rosie,Daisy’s my best friend.

We will be together until the very end.

We can’t read or write and we don’t go to school,

‘Cuz we are both chinchillas – and that is pretty cool.


Our fur is soft and fluffy, black but mostly gray.

We share a cage together, we laugh and jump and play.

Yes, Daisy is my buddy, but she’s my hero too.

I don’t think there’s anything that Daisy cannot do.