The Kingdom: From Chaos to Accountability

The Kingdom of Chaos:  A Modern-Day Fairytale Nightmare
Once upon a time, in a world filled with conveniences and technology, there existed the Kingdom of Chaos. The King of Chaos was a kind man: loving and well-intentioned, his greatest desire was for his people to “be happy.” The King and his Queen gave to those they ruled over anything their hearts desired. There were very few limits and those rules that did exist were often not enforced.  Whenever the King had a decision to make – no matter large or small – he would solicit the input of those he ruled over and defer to their desires, even if it was against his better judgment. His primary concern was “fairness” throughout the land. All were equal; no one was of higher authority, not even himself.
Over time, life in the Kingdom grew out-of-control.  Young people began thinking only of themselves.  They expected food, shelter, clothes and other goods without giving anything in return. Jobs in the Kingdom of Chaos went un-done, because although the fruits of labor were desired, “working” did not make anyone happy.  If the King made a decision they didn’t agree with, there was anger and uprising.  Emotions ruled because there were no limits, no one to tell the people “No” when they behaved in a way that was harmful to themselves or others. No one felt safe or knew what to expect because there were no laws. The King could not understand why those he ruled over seemed so unhappy, when so much was given to them and so little was expected from or of them. The King worried constantly and his own mood grew depressed, as the behavior and choices of his Kingdom constantly disappointed him.
One day, the exhausted King and Queen sat lamenting their woes. They had long since been “banished” to their own chambers while their children, the Prince and Princess, lazed upon the thrones, playing Candy Crush and updating their Facebook statuses.  The King questioned his wife, “What else do they desire that we haven’t given already? Everyone has cell phones and laptops. There are no curfews and no chores. Why are our people so ungrateful?” The King’s elderly aunt, overhearing, offered, “Your Majesty, your intentions were good, but you failed to understand what is needed to rule a Kingdom. In order for true happiness to reign, it must be accompanied by responsibility, accountability, limits and trust. Only through this can people learn to be self-reliant and trust not only you, but themselves as well. For no one in the Real World, outside of the Kingdom, is always happy.” Thinking back on his own upbringing, the King realized his mistake. During his reign he had forgotten his purpose: to lead and guide his people, with love and discipline, so that all in the Kingdom could prosper.  As the King reclaimed his rightful place on the throne, the people learned to respect his authority, and soon Chaos came to be known as the Kingdom of Accountability.