Back to School

 New situations, like starting the school year, can be fun, exciting and sometimes a little scary.  Daisy and Rosie don’t go to school because they are chinchillas. But if they did go to school, what do you think it would be like for them? With three legs, Daisy looks different on the outside than most chinchillas. Her best friend, Rosie, knows that Daisy can do anything she puts her mind to: running, jumping and playing. Rosie knows that Daisy is a sweet and spunky Chinnie. But how would other chinchillas treat Daisy on the first day of school? Would they get to know her or make fun of her? Sit with her at lunch or leave her at a table by herself because she looks “different” on the outside? How would you treat Daisy? As you start this school year, Daisy wants you to remember that differences are what make us unique and interesting. She hopes you treat each other with love, kindness and respect.  And she hopes you all have a great school year!