The Owner's Manual

How many times have you thought, “Man, do I wish there was an owner’s manual for my kid, the way there is for everything else!” No, our children aren’t like our electronics – they don’t come with remote controls or the sometimes much-wished-for Volume Control and Off buttons! But for Christian parents, there is a manual…the Bible. We don’t “own” our children; in a sense, they really don’t “belong” to us. As His children, they belong to God. In God’s Parenting Manual (the Bible), we find the answers Christian parents are searching for but have been unable to see through the worldly parenting approaches and advice that take us off the right path, add confusion to our decisions regarding our parenting approach and so often fail. We can learn the lessons of parenting given to us in Genesis, including the roles of love, loyalty, obedience, faith, trust and respect as they relate to family relationships, rules, guidance and consequences. We see how our parenting path is laid before us by God and how it is reflective of His parenting of us. And we learn about purpose – ours, as parents, and our child’s.

Romans 12:12
For whatever things were written before were written for our learning,
that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

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