Learning Not to Be Afraid

Sometimes when chinchillas are sick, they will lay on their sides. It’s because they don’t feel well or are too hot. Because they are “prey” animals – which means they are hunted by other animals – they hide it when they’re feeling ill until they’re very sick.  Before Daisy lost her leg, she never laid on her side. But now she will flip over on her side while she is sleeping – it’s more comfortable for her. The first few times she did that we got so frightened! When Daisy had her accident it was very scary – for her and for us. Since then, if it seems like she is sick, we panic! Sometimes that happens with people too. If someone you love has been sick or hurt, then gets better, you may worry about them more for a while. That’s normal. It takes time to trust again that everything is okay. We are very relieved that Daisy is healthy and happy! Like Daisy says, "The important thing is not to live in fear of accidents, or you'll be afraid to live!"