New Endorsement!

Daisy is sending out a huge thank you to Meg Zucker for her great endorsement: 

Daisy: The True Story of an Amazing 3-Legged Chinchilla is a heart-warming tale that invites young readers to gain insight into the impact of how an unexpected event can turn a physical loss into a surprising gift for the entire family. The book also encourages children to celebrate difference, teaching them that just because someone (or in this case something) looks different, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t still capable of living their life to its fullest.  Highly recommended!

Back to School

 New situations, like starting the school year, can be fun, exciting and sometimes a little scary.  Daisy and Rosie don’t go to school because they are chinchillas. But if they did go to school, what do you think it would be like for them? With three legs, Daisy looks different on the outside than most chinchillas. Her best friend, Rosie, knows that Daisy can do anything she puts her mind to: running, jumping and playing. Rosie knows that Daisy is a sweet and spunky Chinnie.

The Owner's Manual

How many times have you thought, “Man, do I wish there was an owner’s manual for my kid, the way there is for everything else!” No, our children aren’t like our electronics – they don’t come with remote controls or the sometimes much-wished-for Volume Control and Off buttons! But for Christian parents, there is a manual…the Bible. We don’t “own” our children; in a sense, they really don’t “belong” to us. As His children, they belong to God.

The Christian Parenting Path

Many parents come into family treatment (mental health services, counseling, medical treatment, and sometimes juvenile legal services) feeling scared, confused, disappointed, frustrated, angry and hurt about their child’s negative and/or challenging behavior. Like so many in our society today, they are searching for “what went wrong” in their parenting approach. “Why is my child acting this way? What am I doing wrong?!” These parents feel blamed and judged by a society that doesn’t seem to understand, let alone have any realistic solutions.

Daisy Wins an Award!

  Daisy is very excited that her book, Daisy: The True Story of an Amazing 3-Legged Chinchilla, has won the 2014 Indie Excellence Cover Design for Children's Storybook award! This is a huge honor. She is sending out chinnie-hugs to everyone who has been sharing her story and a special thanks to Courtney Cordner, who designed the cover! Go Daisy!

Learning Not to Be Afraid

Sometimes when chinchillas are sick, they will lay on their sides. It’s because they don’t feel well or are too hot. Because they are “prey” animals – which means they are hunted by other animals – they hide it when they’re feeling ill until they’re very sick.  Before Daisy lost her leg, she never laid on her side. But now she will flip over on her side while she is sleeping – it’s more comfortable for her. The first few times she did that we got so frightened!

Consequences: In Existence Since The Beginning of Time

In the Beginning, there was one rule – one limit: Do not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. That was it. And as history has shown, Man was unable to obey that one rule.  And just as rules have existed since the dawn of time, so too have consequences.  God was very specific in what the consequence would be, should Adam and Eve disobey His Command: death. But God created man out of love, and for the purpose of having a relationship with us. As our Father, He wanted to be just and He was merciful.